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About us

The firm Ing. Milan Jedlička – Cedeon has been established in the sector of customs services since the early 90s. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers in the area of customs services (at present with regard to third countries), customs consulting with an emphasis on long-term and high-quality cooperation with our clients and to answer their needs on an individual basis. Our main assets are professional qualifications and high-quality software.

After the Czech Republic joined the EU, our firm extended its services in the documentation of the import and export of goods through INTRASTAT the agenda for EU member states.

Our references:

  • GMC-měřicí technika ,s.r.o.,Blansko
  • SKLÁRNY MORÁVIA a.s., Úsobrno
  • Papyrus Bohemia s.r.o.,Říčany u Prahy
  • BUSE s.r.o.,Blansko
  • ČKD TURBO TECHNICS spol. s r.o.,Brno
  • Junker Industrial Equipment, s.r.o.,Boskovice
  • B.O.I.S.-FILTRY,spol. s r.o.,Brno
  • ALPS Electric Europa GmbH,Dusseldorf,DE
  • ANDINO Hydropower Engineering S.a.r.l.Archampe,FR
  • FAMO- SERVIS ,spol. s r.o.,Ostrava
  • AKROS SAS,Chambery,FR
  • OTTO JUNKER GmbH,Simmerath,DE
  • THERMCON OVENS B.V.,Geldermalsen,NL
  • ČeMeBo s.r.o.,Blansko
  • DSB EURO s.r.o.,Blansko
  • FAMO-ENGINEERING spol. s r.o.,Ostrava
  • ALPS Electric Czech, s r.o.,Boskovice
  • NSD InternationalCZ, s.r.o.,Kunštát na Moravě
  • Keramika Letovice, spol. s r.o.,Letovice
  • SYNCO METAL, s.r.o.,Skalice nad Svitavou
  • EKO-DOMOV s.r.o.,Boskovice
  • KOOPLAST, s r.o.,Boskovice
  • ALPAX s.r.o.,Praha
  • AB Klimatizace s.r.o.,Brno
  • Závlahy Dyjákovice,spol. s r.o.,Dyjákovice
  • Tad.Wilk, s.r.o.,Boskovice
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